2007- 2009 Worked as development manager at the Centre against Violence in Umeå, where my primary responsibility was to implement structured cooperation in practice between relevant authorities and organizations, as well as working on competence development and other external contacts. Was, in parallel, responsible for developing a Care Programme for Women and Children Victims of Violence in Västerbotten County Council and in 2007 – 2009 together with Lena Sjöquist Andersson, trained all healthcare centres and clinics in Västerbotten County on how to receive and treat vulnerable women and children.

2005 – 2007 worked as a researcher and conducted a study on the prerequisites for starting up extended, systematic cooperation concerning men’s violence against women in Västerbotten County, and then continued as project manager to develop enhanced and more systematic cooperation between the relevant authorities and organizations regarding this field. Strategic development work carried out in close collaboration with Lena Sjöquist Andersson resulted in a unique collaboration initiative, the Centre against Violence in Umeå, which offered vulnerable women and children different combinations of support types, as well as an activity that provided support and treatment for violent men.