Gender Equality Vision is a company offering knowledge enhancement within the gender equality field in the form of;

  • lectures
  • courses
  • supervision – individually or in groups
  • seminars/workshops/conferences/events
  • evaluations
  • studies
  • project management/project cooperation


Areas of expertise

Assignments may be individually designed according to need by GEV and implemented using the following areas of expertise as points of departure;

Gender Equality

  • basic knowledge concerning gender and equality
  • gender equality integration
  • importance of involving men in gender equality work

Men´s violence

  • men’s violence towards women and children
  • living with violence/the children’s situation
  • the normalisation process
  • sexualised violence
  • relationships/sexuality and pornography
  • masculinity and violence
  • structured intra-authority cooperation
  • support for the development and implementation of action plans
  • strategic development work at different levels aimed at achieving desirable change

Prevention of violence

  • gender-transformative violence prevention in theory and practice
    • basic knowledge
    • advanced knowledge
  • support for structured/systematic gender-transformative violence prevention work in operations/organisations/municipalities based on local contexts
  • strategic development activities at different levels with the aim of achieving desirable changes